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How can I tell that I’m burned out? And what I can do about it.

Burnout is a common reaction to underlying stress and not indulging in self-care. Sometimes the symptoms are not noticeable until you’re severely burned out. Here are some signs that you may be burned out:
  1. Feeling sick more often

  2. Experiencing an upset stomach

  3. Feeling easily irritated

  4. Being less productive

  5. Experiencing imposter syndrome

  6. Constant tiredness/ exhaustion

  7. Feeling depressed or anxious

  8. Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Combating burnout is as simple as identifying burnout. Here are some ways you can combat burnout:
  1. Practicing mindfulness

  2. Attending therapy

  3. Laughing

  4. Engaging in positive relationships

  5. Taking a break

  6. Improving your self talk

  7. Pampering yourself

  8. Exercise

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