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How can I treat my addiction if I don’t want to go to treatment?

There is no right or wrong way to treat substance use treatment. Some people prefer inpatient treatment, but that is not the only type of treatment. However, if you are actively withdrawing you should go to detox and seek medical attention. But if you are not withdrawing and you just want to stop or slow down your substance use, here are some things you can do:

Seek support from sober people

One of the most important ways to remain sober is to have people in your life who can support you. Support can come from friends, family, co-workers, and other people. Keeping a list of people who you can call when you want to use will increase the likelihood that you will use those supports when you need to.

Reach out to your sober supporters when you feel like using

After you come up with this list, reach out to the people you identified. Tell them that you are trying to stop drinking (or whatever your substance of choice is), and ask them if you can call them when you feel the need to drink. Once this initial call is made, make sure that you reach out to them when you need to.

Identify your reason for stopping your substance use

Think about why you’re choosing to stop using. Then write down all of the reasons why you’re stopping. You might choose to stop because of your children or your health. Whatever the reason is, keep it somewhere you can see or put it in your phone as a reminder that alerts you multiple times per day. This will help you remember why you chose to stop, and can help keep you motivated.

Make a list of coping skills that you can use when you feel like you want to use

Coping skills are tools that you can use when you feel like you want to use your drug of choice. Here are a few coping skills you can use:

  1. Meditating

  2. Going for a walk

  3. Take deep breaths

  4. Listen to music

  5. Journling

These skills can help you take your mind off of using. Having a list of them will help when you’re not sure how to cope.

Attend meetings

Attending meetings will help you gain additional support. A lot of meetings are currently virtual due to the pandemic, so you can access them from your home. Here are a few types of meetings:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

  2. Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

  3. SMART Recovery

  4. Celebrate Recovery

  5. Refuge Recovery

If you need additional information on treatment for substance use, please use the following link-


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