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Image by Natalia Arkusha

How can you improve your communication with your partner?

Learning how to communicate with your partner is the key to a long lasting relationship. In this post I will provide some tips to help you improve your communication with your partner. Here are some ways to improve your communication:

Actively listen to your partner

This means keeping eye contact with them, and not trying to formulate a response to them while they talk.

Don’t hold things in

Openly express issues or concerns with your spouse. Not communicating will increase resentment within the relationship.

Argue respectfully

When you’re upset with your spouse, don’t say things that you can’t take back. If it will hurt your partner, then don’t say it.

Be honest

Lying to your spouse will make them feel like they can’t trust you. Even if they don’t like what you say, still be honest.

Vent to your spouse, not to others

Oftentimes we get frustrated with our spouse, and we vent to friends and family. But this can be more harmful than helpful. You will get over the issue with your spouse, but friends and family will hold a grudge.


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