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Jump Start Your 2024 With These Amazing Podcasts Episodes

Have you been thinking about what you'd like your 2024 to look like? Maybe you'll create a vision board, set goals, or intentions for the new year to help make the year magical. Before you do any of these things, listen to some of these podcast episodes. They offer a lot of insight on goal setting, ways to make your new year your best year, and provide a lot of tips on how to actually meet your goals.

  1. Slay Girl Slay

Episodes: New Year, Better You & It's Not Over Until It Happens

2. The Mel Robbins Podcast

Episodes: Boost Your Success in 2024: My Best Advice on Business, Time Management, and Reinvention & 5 Ways to Improve Your Subconscious Mind and Be Happier in 2024: Amanzing Insight from Dr. Paul Conti

3. Balanced Black Girl

Episodes: How to Find and Live in Your Purpose with Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins & Overcoming Scarcity Mindset and Knowing When to Pivot with Zuri Adele

4. Just Glow With It

Episodes: New Era of You: How to Reinvent Yourself in 2024 & Tips for Effective Goal Setting, Vision Boards and Getting Results in 2024


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