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What is codependency?

What is codependency? What are the signs that you might be, and how to overcome it?

Codependency is a common relationship pattern that typically impacts people who are recovering from an addiction. One person in the relationship needs the other, and the other person needs to be needed. This relationship pattern is unhealthy for both parties. The most common signs of codependency:

  1. Lack of self-confidence in decision making

  2. Low self-esteem

  3. Difficulty in sustaining relationships

  4. Have a tendency to look for “victims” to help

  5. Fear of anger/ bottling it up until you explode

  6. Hypersensitive to criticism

  7. Need to be in control

  8. Constantly seeking approval and affirmation

  9. Being super responsible or super irresponsible

  10. Confusion between love and pity

How to overcome it:

  1. Set boundaries

  2. Value yourself

  3. Prioritize self care

  4. Practice self compassion

  5. Let others make their own choices

  6. Develop a stronger sense of self

If you want more information on co-dependency, you should read Melody Beattie’s Codependent No More.


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