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Are you a rockstar or an average joe: evaluating your 2021 goals

This is the time of the year where you see posts on social media asking what you accomplished this year, manifesting your goals for next year, and wrapping up this year with a bang.

These posts make you think about the goals that you set for yourself this year. And make you wonder if you accomplished everything that you set out to do or if you failed. Were you a rockstar or an average joe? The rockstar seems to be the person who not only accomplished their goals, but they surpassed them. On the other hand, the average joe is the person who struggled to meet their goals, and in most cases did not meet all of their goals. But does it really matter? We are so focused on being the rockstar that we miss out on the important things in life. I’m not saying that it’s not important to have goals and strive to meet them. But what I am saying is that it shouldn’t be the only thing we’re doing. We need to be intentional. Here are some tips on how to move from a rockstar mindset to becoming an intentional person:

Know your purpose

Everyone is put on earth to do something great. Have you figured out what your something great is yet? If not, then this is something that you should spend time getting to know. It will help guide you in the direction that you need to head in.

Zone into what really matters

Once you figure out what your something great is, zone into it. Put your focus on it and align your life based on it. This is better than creating the same goals every year and not meeting them.

Have boundaries with yourself and others

Intentional people not only have boundaries with others, but they also have boundaries with themselves. Having boundaries allows you to express what you expect and what will happen when your expectations aren’t met. They basically keep people in line!

Practice Self-care

Self-care is more than facials, bubble baths, and lighting a candle. It is about doing work on yourself, so you can become the best version of yourself. Self-care is crying when you need to, seeking therapy, and healing your inner child wounds. And so much more.

Have self-compassion

Have you ever noticed that we can have compassion for others, but we’re not that nice to ourselves? This is a sign that you need to practice self-compassion. We need to treat ourselves like we would a friend who needed our assistance. Be gentle with yourself!

Practice mindfulness

Make sure that you are present in everything you do. This is easier said than done. Most people think this means just being in the room, but being present means being focused on the here and now. This also means trying to quiet the inner chatter of the mind.

Focus on what you can control

The only things that you can control are things that you put your effort into, your actions, your decisions, and your words. Basically, all things that come from you. Since you can only control yourself, then focusing on other people is a waste of time.

When evaluating yourself and your goals this month, keep these things in mind. And remember to be kind to yourself!

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