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Spring Forward With Your Goals

Did you know that the actual first day of the year is March 1st? Many people put pressure on themselves to create New Years resolutions in Winter, but we should be waiting until Spring when we're out of hibernation.

Spring is the season when we should be planting seeds, so we can reap a harvest in the Fall. If we use this farming analogy, then we shouldn't be setting intense goals in the Winter. Winter is the time to rest and rejuvenate after we reap our harvest from the following year. So, let's set some goals now so we can see the reward before the new year. Here are some ways that we can set goals and crush them before 2023 is over:

  1. Remember your why- Motivation ebbs and flows, so remembering why you want to accomplish your goals is imperative. Make a list of why you want to accomplish certain goals. For example, if you want to exercise more, then your why could be something like because I want to be a healthier version of myself. When you're lacking motivation think about why you're consistently working out, so you can gain your second wind.

  2. Master your mindset- The way you think about things matters. If you're negatively thinking about your ability to accomplish your goal, then it will be harder for you to accomplish. You might not be able to always have a positive mindset, so surround yourself with positive people and content to uplift you when you're down.

  3. Break down the steps you need to take- Rome wasn't built in a day or without a plan, so your goals won't be accomplished quickly if you don't have a plan. Try using the SMART goals method to help you break your goals down into manageable steps. This will help you not become overwhelmed if your goals are bigger in size.

  4. Allow for flexibility- Life happens, so make room for it. Allow yourself some wiggle room if something happens, and you have to take a break from your goals. TAKE A BREAK, but don't quit. Resume as soon as you can after your necessary break.

  5. Regularly evaluate your goals- If you use the SMART goals method, then evaluating your goals should be quite simple. Do this as often as you need to make sure you're on track. Remember, you can always revamp when you need to!

I hope this list motivates you to make some goals and spring into the life you want!


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